X Marks the Spot: The Quirky Cities That Start With X

X Marks the Spot: The Quirky Cities That Start With X

X cities. Those sprawling cities of concrete and chaos, where dreams are chased, pigeons steal your lunch (seriously, those birds are a menace), and tourists flock to landmarks that look exactly like they do in the brochures (yawn). But beyond the selfie sticks and souvenir shops, some cities start with X, waiting to be discovered.

So, ditch the guidebooks and pack your sense of adventure, because we’re about to start a whirlwind tour of X cities that defy expectations. Here are the cities that start with X:

Xalapa, Mexico: Where Coffee Meets Culture (and Maybe a Little Mystery)

In the lush mountains of Veracruz, Xalapa (pronounced hah-LAH-pah) is a city with a vibrant arts scene, a rich indigenous heritage, and a surprising claim to fame: it holds the Guinness World Record for the largest cup of coffee ever brewed. Yes, you read that right. Over 8,000 liters of the caffeinated beverage were poured into Xalapa’s main square in 2019, fueling an entire army of sleep-deprived graduate students (or maybe just me).


But Xalapa is more than just a giant coffee pot. This city boasts a beautiful historic center, world-class museums brimming with pre-Columbian artifacts, and a touch of mystery. The legend of “Los Niños Héroes” (The Child Heroes) is part of Xalapa’s identity. These six young cadets, some as young as 13, are said to have defended the city from American forces during the Mexican-American War. Whether history or myth, the story adds a touch of heroism (and maybe a dash of tragedy) to Xalapa’s charm.

Xian, China: Where Ancient Warriors Stand Guard (and Maybe Give You the Side-Eye)

Xian, a city steeped in history, is home to the world-famous Terracotta Army. Imagine an army of over 8,000 life-sized terracotta warriors. Each with a unique expression and hairstyle, standing guard over the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. It’s an awe-inspiring sight, a testament to the ingenuity and sheer scale of ancient Chinese civilization.


But Xian offers more than just an army of silent guardians. The city boasts ancient city walls, bustling markets selling everything from silk scarves to questionable street food (beware of the mystery meat skewers!), and the Muslim Quarter, a labyrinthine maze of narrow streets and hidden courtyards. Just remember, when exploring Xian’s ancient wonders, try not to make eye contact with the Terracotta Army. Those warriors have been standing guard for centuries. They might not appreciate a tourist interrupting their eternal duty (or maybe they’re just judging your selfie skills).

Xanten, Germany: Where Roman Ruins Meet Modern Charm

Xanten, a charming town nestled in western Germany, offers a delightful blend of ancient history and modern life. Wander the ruins of Colonia Ulpia Traiana, a Roman military colony founded in the first century AD. Imagine toga-clad Romans strolling these very streets, plotting their next conquest (or maybe just complaining about the lack of decent central heating).


But Xanten isn’t just about the past. The town boasts a beautiful old town with colorful half-timbered houses. There is also a lively market square and a relaxed atmosphere. Take a break from your Roman ruin explorations and indulge in a giant pretzel or a stein of local beer (just don’t try to wear a toga while doing it; that might be a bit too much historical cosplay).

Xochimilco, Mexico: Where Canals Meet Canoodling (and Maybe a Bit of Mud)

Xochimilco, a historic district south of Mexico City, is known for its unique floating gardens – chinampas – that were built by the Aztecs. These man-made islands, crisscrossed by canals, were once a vital part of the Aztec agricultural system. Today, they offer a delightful escape from the bustling metropolis.


Hop on a trajintera, a colorful gondola-like boat, and cruise through the canals, serenaded by mariachi bands and dodging the occasional mud puddle (yes, these canals aren’t exactly the Venetian Grand Canal). It’s a place to relax, enjoy traditional Mexican food, and maybe even witness a bit of public canoodling between lovebirds on their trajintera date (just try not to stare too awkwardly).

Xianning, China: Home to the World’s Largest Freshwater Spring

In the lush greenery of Hubei Province, China, lies Xianning, a city that boasts a natural wonder unlike any other. Here, the mighty Xuanjiang River bursts forth from the depths of the earth, gushing out a staggering 1,400 cubic meters of crystal-clear water per second.


This breathtaking spectacle, known as the Dapu Spring, earns Xianning the title of home to the world’s largest freshwater spring. The cascading waters not only create a mesmerizing natural landmark but also serve as a vital source of life for the surrounding ecosystem. It is a testament to the raw power of nature.

Xenia, Ohio: Beyond the County Seat


Xenia is a city in Greene County, Ohio, and wears two hats: the county seat and the largest city within its borders. Beyond its governmental role, Xenia holds historical significance as the home of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The base is one of the largest military installations in the world. This sprawling complex played a crucial role in the development of aviation. It continues to be a hub for aerospace research and technology. So, whether you’re interested in local government, military history, or cutting-edge aeronautics, Xenia offers surprising depth for a city with a friendly, small-town feel.

The Unexpected: A Serene Escape to the Cities That Start With X

The world may not be overflowing with cities that start with X. However, the ones that exist offer a unique glimpse into history, culture, and innovation. From the awe-inspiring Terracotta Army guarding Xi’an to the vibrant trajineras gliding through Xochimilco’s canals, these destinations defy expectations. Even Xenia, Ohio, with its juxtaposition of small-town charm and a world-renowned Air Force base, proves that cities that start with X pack a surprising punch. If you’re planning a trip, consider venturing beyond the usual suspects. There’s a whole world waiting to be discovered, and a few hidden X cities might just surprise you.

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  • This list is a delicious starting point for exploring the culinary scene around the world! For the food enthusiasts out there, what are some must-try dishes specific to cities that start with X? Maybe we can swap recommendations and create a global food itinerary for adventurous eaters!

  • I’ve been visiting this site for a while, and it never fails to impress me with its wealth of knowledge. The attention to detail and commitment to quality is evident. This is a true asset for anyone seeking to learn and grow. This article is a great starting point for exploring X cities! The rich history of Xian, China, is interesting. For those who have travelled to cities beginning with X, what unique cultural experiences did you encounter? Were there any special places you stumbled upon that surprised you? Sharing details about local customs, traditional foods, or unexpected sights can inspire others to venture beyond the usual tourist spots.

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